60 Second Assassin (1978) US 1 Sheet #New
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60 Second Assassin (1978) US 1 Sheet #New

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Directed by Chung-Kuang Wang, who went on to The Vampire Dominator (1984) and Vampire Child (1987), 60 Second Assassin stars Ka-Yan Leung (Chia-Jen Liang) as Minute Fong, an assassin guaranteed to take only sixty seconds to dispatch his victims. This Taiwanese kung-fu actioner follows the hitman as he begins to connect with honest, ordinary people, and discovers how evil his employers really are.

It's one of the films seen on posters and marquees in the background of Lucio Fulci's New York Ripper, still playing in 1982.

Aka: My Life's on the Line /