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Alone in the Dark (1982) UK Quad Poster

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Director Jack Scholder's underrated classic, Alone in the Dark, with a perfect 'madmen on the loose' cast. Scholder wrote the screenplay from his and producer Robert Shaye's story (Shaye had an illustrious genre producing career, from Polyester, Xtro and A Nightmare on Elm Street onwards) and the film expertly trod the divide between horror and laughs. The 'You Have Been Warned' snipe covers over an erroneous 'From the Makers of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' connection. Matthew Broderick auditioned for the part of the ill-fated babysitter's boyfriend, but was turned down for being 'too talented'. War Games beckoned.

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Cast: Jack Palance, Donald Pleasence, Martin Landau, Erlan van Lidth