ape holds soldier aloft in foreground of massive battle, centre jagged yellow text snipe, on right, giant fish menaces submarine and huge eel creatures threaten divers
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Battle for Planet of the Apes / The Neptune Factor (Both 1973) UK Quad DB Poster

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The fifth and final film of the original Planet of the Apes saga, and the most dishonest of them all. An epilogue (set 600 years on) shows apes and humans living in harmony, outrageously dismissing the entire premise of the first four films. In the hands of director J. Lee Thompson, it looks cheap, and the by-the-numbers script from John and Joyce Corrington (who both made a far better fist of The Omega Man) is a sad finale to the series.

The flat lighting prevalent in the early 70s gives The Neptune Factor the look of a TV movie, and the underwater effects of the giant fish menacing a rescue mission are not terribly convincing. Bigging up the top line cast to disaster movie standards still didn’t help. Director Daniel Petrie would redeem himself with Resurrection (1980). Stunning poster artwork though. So impressive, that the US Lobby set is simply 8 of Berkey's concept paintings.

Artist: Robert Tanenbaum (Battle) / John Berkey (Neptune)

Condition: FINE - small rear to edge BL, creasing in top border

Cast: Roddy McDowall, Claude Akins, Severn Darden, Austin Stoker, Natalie Trundy, Paul Williams / Ben Gazzara, Yvette Mimieux, Walter Pidgeon, Ernest Borgnine