Facimile of an 1828 The Scotsman newspaper detailing the trial of Burke, urging viewer to see Burke and Hare at bottom.
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Burke and Hare (1972) UK Double Crown Poster

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An unusual Double Crown, a front page from The Scotsman of December 1828 detailing the trial for murder of William Burke. Vernon Sewell’s version has an uneven tone; it starts out in a macabre fashion, but descends into a bawdy period romp – a sort of Carry On Graverobbing – as the pair enjoy their ill-gotten gains. The film is fatally flawed by a grotesquely inappropriate soundtrack by Roger Webb, more at home with The Amorous Milkman or Bedtime with Rosie (both 1975). However, there is a nasty film about unpleasant, unhappy people struggling to emerge, (Buke and Hare's wives are in on it too) and their murder of the prostitute Marie (Françoise Pascal) puts the Penny Dreadful back on track.

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Cast: Derren Nesbitt (Burke), Glynn Edwards (Hare), Harry Andrews (Dr. Knox), Robin Hawdon, Yutte Stensgaard, Yootha Joyce, Katya Wyeth, James Hayter