Artwork of a girl crying out through bars as she is restrained by two grim warders, with inset picture of prison catfight.
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Concrete Jungle (1982) UK Quad Poster

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From one of the greatest Giallos ever, What Have You Done to Solange? to the infamous I Spit on Your Grave, to way down the cast list here, Camille Keaton's star was sharply on the wane. Despite the lurid poster, this is a fast paced and gritty example of the Women in Prison genre.

Jill St. John is the evil Warden at the California Correctional Institution for Women, and Tracey Bregman as an unwitting drug mule threatening to expose an internal drugs and prostitution racket, run by queen bee BarBara Luna (and St. John). It was nearly Luna's final film role, although she continued in TV until the mid 2000s. Director Tom DeSimone was primarily a porn film maker, infamous for 1977's Chatterbox, and had just come off Hell Night (1981). But his porn days certainly prepared him for prison movies - with Chained, Prison Girls and Bad, Bad Boys on his CV. By the time he made Reform School Girls in 1986 with Sybil Danning and Wendy O. Williams, it was as an out and out satire.

Not Aka: Chained Heat

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Cast: Tracey E. Bregman, June Barrett, Aimee Eccles, Sondra Currie, Robert Miano