On green, close up of Domergue, cobra drawing behind title, inset of police bending over corpse.
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Cult of the Cobra (1955 R56) UK Quad Poster

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A Universal Studios horror, where six GIs make the mistake of gatecrashing a shape-shifters cult ceremony, and pay the price for it. Director Francis D. Lyon (a former editor) had nothing in his CV to suggest he was the right man for the job, especially this early in his directing career. He treats the very concept as inherently frightening, so the mechanics of actually shooting suspense elude him, barring one tense bowling alley sequence. However he did go on to the entertaining Destination Inner Space (1966).

Mari Blanchard screen-tested for the role, but was replaced by Faith Domergue a couple of days before filming began – she has a good stare, but still requires tiny spotlights to emphasise her snake-like origins. The guys however, give high-spirited performances, despite none of them being particularly likeable.

Condition: VERY FINE - enlarged printing dots on the portrait of Domergue would suggest the image had been culled from the pressbook.

Cast: Faith Domergue, Richard Long, Marshall Thompson – Fiend Without a Face, It! The Terror from Beyond Space (both 1958), David Janssen (an early solid credit), William Reynolds, Jack Kelly, Kathleen Hughes