On green background a giant mummified native American holds a girl in torn clothing in his talons. Tagline reads 'This is Horror'.
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Death Curse of Tartu (1966) UK 1/2 Quad Poster

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After some archaeology students ill advisedly throw a party on an Indian medicine man’s burial site, he returns from the dead, and dispatches the defilers by possessing the creatures of nature; shark, alligator, snake, and finally, the mummy walks to finish the job.

Written and directed by William Grefé, one of the few Floridian filmmakers, he made Sting of Death (a mutant jellyfish) and The Devil's Sisters (loosely based on the bordello from hell true crime case) the same year.

(From a double bill with The Flesh Eaters)

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Cast: Fred Piñero, Babette Sherrill, Bill Marcus, Sherman Hayes, Mayra Gómez Kemp