Hot air balloon, with occupants shooting at attacking vultures. On right. shape of man in white, holding gun and money. Photo of woman with gun.
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Flight of the Lost Balloon / The Amazing Transparent Man (1960 / 1961) UK Quad Poster

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AIP released Flight of the Lost Balloon, starring Mala Powers, best remembered in the clutches of The Colossus of New York. It was directed by Nathan Juran (everything from 20 Million Miles to Earth, Jack the Giant Killer and First Men in the Moon, to films such as The Brain from Planet Arous to Attack of the 50 Foot Woman, which he directed under the pseudonym of Nathan Hertz). The Amazing Transparent Man was one of Edgar G Ulmer's last films, and features one of the most enjoyable fights against an invisible man in cinema.

Condition: GOOD - edge folds, dinks