A defocused monstrous shape rises out of the smoke, with naked woman in foreground trying to ward it off.
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Inseminoid (1981) UK Quad Poster

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Norman J Warren’s take on chest-bursting aliens has his cast running around Chislehurst Caves standing in for an unnamed planet. Judy Geeson’s performance holds much of the film’s horror and pathos. With Jennifer Ashley’s pedigree – Barn of the Naked Dead, Tintorera! and Guyana – Cult of the Damned, she was a shoo-in for a part. Also with Stephanie Beacham, Robin Clarke and – gulp – Victoria Tennant, just before she escaped to America and the relative sanity of The Winds of War.

Written by Husband and wife team Nick and Gloria Maley, he a special effects makeup man, she an actress, who swung into Norman's orbit by appearing in Satan's Slave (1976) (under the stage name of Gloria Walker). And since it seems it was on this film that they met, it may very well have been inserting this kitchen knife through her gullet that led to true love...


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