B+W photo of girl lifting top. On right on white, huge blood splatter, with naked woman in front but masked by title.
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Sex and the Vampire / Diary of a Half Virgin (1971 / 1969) UK Quad DB Poster

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Jean Rollin's third and finest vampire film, taking its cue from Hammer, as a honeymoon couple stay at a castle that's home to a horde of vampires. Much moving and swapping of partners and victims ensues. Although rather flatly lit by his long time DoP Jean-Jacques Renon, Rollin still imbues it with a poetic atmosphere, particularly in its tragic ending.

Rollin continued to use the Castel twins Catherine and Marie-Pierre, but the lead was Sandra Julien, who went on to some key sexploitation films, such as I Am A Nymphomanic (1971), I am Frigid... Why? (1972) and House of Cruel Dolls (1974).

 Aka: Le frisson des vampires, Redemption, Shiver of the Vampires / Eva: Swedish and Underage. Eva: The First Stone

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