Shudder / Chained Women (1975 / 1973) UK Quad Poster
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Shudder / Chained Women (1975 / 1973) UK Quad Poster

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Chris Munger's Shudder concerns the daughter of a put-upon mortician, who takes revenge on anyone who has wronged them using her pet tarantulas. Rather than fatally bite anyone, the spiders appear to induce heart attacks through sheer terror. The bottom of the bill is Eddie Romero's Philippines-shot exploitation classic Black Mama, White Mama, which is the first team-up of Pam Grier and Margaret Markov, who subsequently appeared together in The Arena (1974). Romero made it back-to-back with The Twilight People (1972), in which Pam Grier also appears as the Panther Woman.

Combining Blaxploitation with Women in Prison, and reputedly inspired by the Sidney Poitier / Tony Curtis prison drama The Defiant Ones (1958), a prostitute and a revolutionary are chained together, and learn to rely on each other as they are pursued by the army, prison warders and former pimps, culminating in a three-way shoot out.

Aka: Kiss of the Tarantula /  Black Mama White Mama, Women in Chains, Hot, Hard and Mean

Condition: POOR - severe diagonal tear from top edge to centre top left, tear top right hand edge, both 'mended' with tape to rear, tape burn evident.

Cast: Ernesto Macias, Suzanna Ling, Herman Wallner, Beverley Eddins / Sid Haig - he also made The Big Doll House (1971) with Grier, Lynn Borden, Vic Diaz, Eddie Garcia.