L'épave (1949) German A1 Poster
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L'épave (1949) German A1 Poster

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Banned outright in France by the Office Catholique Du Cinema - this poster would certainly have rung alarm bells - the tortuous story of love and violence is probably the best work of director Willy Rozier. The debut of French star Françoise Arnoul (she was just 18), she got to sing, dance and, in a brief topless scene, become a sex symbol of the 50s. (Rozier did have an eye for a star - in Manina, la fille sans voile (1952) he was the first to cast Brigitte Bardot).

A singer and deep sea diver find their lives and desires incompatible, but keep returning to each other. After the diver is seriously injured, he becomes enraged when the singer rejects him once more - and things come to a head with attempted murder and suicidal despair.

Aka: Sin and Desire, The Wreck

Artist: Heinz Bonné

Condition: GOOD - Edge dinks, small paper loss top left corner.

Cast: André Le Gall, Françoise Arnoul, Aimé Clariond, René Blancard, Charles Blavette.