On pink box, young girl and inset boxes; a man and woman hugging, and Thomas with cop behind him pulling gun.
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Stigma (1972) UK Quad Poster

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Director David E Durston, better known for I Drink Your Blood (1970) flirted with exploitation, nudie flicks with added LSD in The Love Statue (1965), a proto-Big Chill told Rashomon-style in Blue Sextet (1971), Stigma, then gay porn Boy 'Napped (1975) and Manhole (1978) under the pseudonym Spencer Logan.

Here, he tackles 'social problems' with a debut lead role for Miami Vice star Philip Michael Thomas. As an idealistic young doctor, he attempts to clean up his town, while being blocked at every turn. Because he's black? Because the townfolk are strange rednecks? With a stomach-churning recourse to medical documentary footage, it swings wildly between a cautionary public information tale, and out and out blaxsploitation thriller. But still oddly compelling.


Cast: Harlan Poe, Josie Johnson, Peter Clune, Raina Barrett