Artwork of Sands closeup centre in dungeon. Below, Grant screaming between medieval village and cityscape.
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Warlock (1989) UK Quad Poster

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Not shown in the US until 1991 due to financial problems at New World Pictures, this time travel occult chase film is enormous fun, and tells of a witch-hunter chasing an escaped warlock through time, to the late 20th century. The warlock then attempts to bring together the three pieces of the Grande Grimoire, a book that contains the ability to unmake creation.

Led by two British actors, Julian Sands and Richard E. Grant, it's been (not unjustly) described as an occult version of The Terminator (1984). But some lively period-ish dialogue by David Twohy, who went on to The Fugitive (1993), Waterworld (1995) and wrote and directed Pitch Black (2000) and three Riddick sequels, and the assured direction of Steve Miner - Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981) and Part III (1982) and Lake Placid (1999) meant it remains a fan favourite. The only loser was lead Lori Singer - Footloose (1984), who rarely made anything as high profile again.

Artist: J R Gilkes - it's easiest to see the textures of the painted surface in the shaft of light to the right of Sands' head. It's a great bit of work, one of the most 'painterly' portraits of the era.

Condition: VERY FINE - small centre left crossfold separation.

Cast: Mary Woronov, Kevin O'Brien, Richard Kuss, Anna Thomson.