About us


If you're after posters and memorabilia for the biggest, most famous, classic, top film titles - then you're in the wrong place! I can say with some certainty that this is (for example) a Star Wars-free zone.

This is where the films that slip through the cracks get their day in the sun. The forgotten films, (except by the diehard fans - you know who you are)  the strange, the tasteless, the cult before anyone knew what a cult movie was, the late night double bills, the 'Sunday for One Day Only' curiosities.

I've been watching horror movies and collecting their memorabilia since the early 70s, and this site is an extension of my being a fan and collector first, and a dealer second. Posters finding a good (the right) home is as important as being 'successful'.

Because, ultimately, we're only ever custodians. One day, each and every poster will pass along the chain to someone else, and we can only hope that they cherish and care for them as we did, no matter what the title, what the budget, what the cast. Because they're a fantastic poster for a film or genre that means something to you.

As this site celebrates horror artwork, the cut-off date for posters shown tends to be the mid-80s. It's then that the use of photomontage and ultimately Photoshop became dominant and removed the need for fine artists, who had to hang up their paintbrushes. It's not a hard and fast rule, but this is essentially a site for cinema up to the 80s.   

Primarily, the site is devoted to horror, as well as closely-related cult, action, sci-fi, sword and sandal, fantasy and thriller films. Because historically the horror genre relied on lurid subject matter rather than a renowned cast, it's a visually rich source of posters. Often star-led films would slap on a large portrait of the leading actors and just add the title. A great film perhaps, but there was no need for a particularly inspired poster. With no stars to speak of, the exploitation genres had to work harder and smarter to entice audiences into movie theatres, and consequently they developed a keener sense of what 'exploitation' really meant.

It's no surprise that many of the world's greatest poster artists did their finest work in the fantasy genres, and hopefully you'll see some of their arresting work on this site. These posters and stills are all real, all original, the actual items used to lure unsuspecting patrons into the cinema on a film's release, and as always, promising far more than they could ever deliver.

Have fun!