Poster Condition Definitions


MINT – An unused poster. As pristine as the day it was printed, with little exception, aka a Stinky Pete.

NEAR MINT – Basically unused or carefully used, showing some signs of age or storage, but no abuse of any kind. Clean and precise folds (standard and not considered a flaw for pre-1980s posters, whether machine or hand-folded). Post 1980 posters tend to be rolled, and the same standards apply. Linen-backed posters, with no restoration required, fall into this category.

VERY FINE – Minimal signs of wear and usage with usually no pinholes, fold damage or paper loss. Image area is still bright and paper quality not brittle. Posters that have been linen-backed usually fall into this category, as minor restoration to the fold lines and borders will be evident to a discerning eye.

FINE – Average used and aged condition, showing signs of edge wear, pinholes, slight hairline tears, minor discoloration. Paper is not brittle. Image is still striking and linen-backed restoration more evident. Post 1984 posters that have been folded. 

VERY GOOD – Below average, used, trimmed or weathered condition showing paper loss, stains or soiling, larger pinholes, extra prominent folds, light ink or pen marks, tape on the back and prominent border damage. In need of restoration.

GOOD – Overly worn or brittle, including large chunks of missing paper, dirt, dry mounted or laminated, water stains, tape or masking tape to front, flaking or discoloration, although most damage is confined to the border areas.

FAIR – As above but with damage extending into the picture area.

POOR – Unpresentable and in worse condition than anything above.