Possessed Abby portrait and running figure. Four photo portraits of husband, brother, friend and exorcist
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Abby (1974) US Insert Poster

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A William Girdler blaxploitation film, sued by Warner's basically because it was the first Exorcist rip-off off the blocks. Warner's lost (less than half a dozen actual scenes were copied) and the film was highly profitable for American International, making $4 million in the first month of release, on a budget of $200,000. But Girdler, because of the lawsuit, saw nothing of the profits. One wonders whether the Africa-centric plotline of this film in any way influenced Exorcist II...

A timid marriage councellor is possessed by Eshu, an African demon of sexuality, accidentally freed by her exorcist father in law. An African-American nightmare, where the religious, repressed woman (she's a minister's wife to boot) becomes a foul-mouthed, sexually voracious ghoul. It's played at full tilt by a talented cast.

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Cast: William Marshall (Blacula), Carol Speed (The Big Bird Cage) Austin Stoker (Assault on Precinct 13) and for some extraordinary reason, Juanita Moore, the tragic mother in Imitation of Life.