Watercolour aquamarine background descending into blackness, dark figure of diver blowing bubbles
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Akvanavty (1980) Yugoslavian Small Poster

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Thoughtful Russian science fiction, where a plane crash lands in the sea, bearing the memories and 'personality matrix' of Professor Kerom's late daughter. At the ocean lab, a giant manta ray begins to send messages, trying to establish contact with the deep sea aquanauts. The scientists attempt to understand the mystery, and whether her human consciousness has somehow imprinted itself on the ray's mind.

Aka: Aquanauts / Akvanauti

Artist: Weber - a lovely dive poster (measuring just 16" x 11") of great subtlety.

Condition: VERY FINE

Cast: German Poloskov, Iren Azer, Arnis Lictis, Yelena Valayeva