Illustrated characters in central picture with individual portraits of key Alice characters
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Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972) UK Quad Poster

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Even the lyrics of Don Black and John Barry's music (who'd created the Diamonds Are Forever theme song the previous year) couldn't make this a success on release. But with various widescreen versions on DVD, it's only a matter of time before this sumptuous all-star extravaganza gets the full Blu-ray treatment. Certain actors certainly brought Sir John Tenniel's original illustrations to life - Peter Bull as the Duchess and Robert Helpmann as the Mad Hatter for example.

Artist: Unknown, but they've perfectly captured the quirky colourfulness of the film.

Condition: FINE - edge dinks / heavy folds

Cast: Fiona Fullerton, Michael Crawford, Spike Milligan, Dennis Price, Ralph Richardson, Flora Robson, Peter Sellers