Insect-like alien bursting through someone's head. Four colour stills from film at bottom
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Alien Predator (1986) Spanish Small Poster

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Three American friend find a sleepy Spanish town harbours a terrible secret, as Skylab, crash-landing in the area years earlier, has unleashed an alien organism that turns people in carnivorous monsters. An appealing cast enliven this early take on innocents abroad discovering something deadly about the locals.

Producer Carlos Aured retired from filmmaking after the production went over budget, and he was left financially liable. Director Deran Sarafian (whose feature debut this was) was the son of Richard C. Sarafian (Vanishing Point) and nephew of Robert Altman, but their level of talent didn't exactly rub off.

Artist: Unknown, but uniquely graphic artwork, very different from the US posters

Aka: Cosmos Mortal, Mutant II, The Falling

Condition: GOOD - glossy paper, so edge / fold creases show up. Edge dinks.

Cast: Dennis Christopher, Lynn-Holly Johnson, Martin Hewitt, Luis Prendes