Portrait of Christopher Lee in the style of Arcimboldo made of minarets and towers
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Arabian Adventure (1979) Polish Poster

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The last of Kevin Connor and John Dark's series of fantasy films which began with The Land That Time Forgot. In true low-budget British fashion, they assembled an extraordinary cast by having each actor work the minimum number of days possible, thus ensuring high value names on the marquee. For such a modest film, it produced a large number of wonderful posters worldwide. This is the finest of them all.

Artist: Andrzej Pagowski - with a powerful Christopher Lee portrait, comprised of a photomosaic effect of tiny minarets. The best piece of paper on this film, and of Lee!

Condition: VERY FINE (Rolled)

Cast: Christopher Lee, Milo O'Shea, Oliver Tobias, Emma Samms, Shane Rimmer, Elisabeth Welch, Art Malik, Milton Reid

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