Artwork of Carradine and Van Cleef holding guns against urban landscape, woman with machine gun, hostages with gags
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Armed Response (1986) UK Quad Poster

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A Fred Ohlen Ray classic, the biggest surprise is that the leads are there for the entire running time and Carradine and Van Cleef really give it their all. Trying to swallow Lee as David's dad is kinda funny though as they were separated by roughly 11 years in real life. Lots of great character actors in supporting roles like Michael Berryman as a fortune cookie giving hit-man, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa as a long-haired torturer, Bobbie Bresee as a stripper (who stays clothed), Michelle Bauer as a stripper (who doesn't stay clothed), Conan Lee in the first five minutes, and Dawn Wildsmith (aka Mr. Olen Ray at the time) as a barroom tough girl. 

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