Graphic poster of the title behind artwork of the baby dinosaur on dark grass, all against dark green background
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Baby: Secret of the Lost Legend (1985) UK Quad Advance Poster

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Disney film (presumably credited to Touchstone due to adult deaths) which is more children’s fantasy than a proto-Jurassic Park. Director Bill L. Norton was writer on the counter-culture Cisco Pike (1972 – also directed) and Outlaw Blues (1977), plus the script for Convoy (1978) Sam Peckinpah’s ill-fated redneck trucker movie. Norton’s producer on Baby, Roger Spottiswoode also connects to Peckinpah, he was his editor on Straw Dogs (1971) and Pat Garrett & Billy the Kid (1973), so the creative team were no slouches. The ordinariness of the script must rest with husband and wife team Clifford and Ellen Green.

 Condition: VERY FINE - some ink transfer

 Cast: William Katt, Sean Young, Patrick MaGoohan, Julian Fellowes, Eddy Tagoe, Olu Jacobs