Artwork of burnt and bloody hand smothering terrified female face, with the shadow of a knife across both
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Bad Dreams (1988) Belgian Poster

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Long overdue a reappraisal, Bad Dreams has the sole survivor of a cult group’s mass immolation awake from a 13 year coma, with no memory of the event. But soon, she begins to see visions of the cult leader (Richard Lynch – who else?) who tells her to kill herself, or he’ll take someone else each time she refuses. To the outside world, those around her are committing suicide, but does she knows better? The film flits jarringly between reality and illusion, and director Andrew Fleming has an actual plot to develop.  

Lead Jennifer Rubin, with only Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987) behind her, acquits herself well but thereafter, although busy, never seemed to catch that break that would send fans into her back catalogue. However she was memorable in Screamers (1995) with Peter Weller.

Condition: VERY FINE (Rolled) slightly smaller than usual dimensions, at 19.5" x 12.5" - a lower print run than usual on this scarce poster.

Cast: Bruce Abbott, Dean Cameron, Harris Yulin