Against black shining eyes of Voodoo priest spotlight hero and son, candles in background
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Believers (1987) UK Quad Poster

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Inhabiting the same occult-dominated world as Rosemary’s Baby (1968) and Angel Heart (1987), which can spill over into our ‘normal’ world with savage speed, The Believers deals with the practitioners of Burjeria (Afro-Caribbean witchcraft), performing brutal, ritualistic murders. Then they target the son of police psychologist Martin Sheen, who has been part of the investigation.

The film follows his denial, acceptance and fight against what seem like impossible supernatural odds. Director John Schlesinger shows the cult in highly accurate detail, animal sacrifices and all, and racks up the tension as the cult’s power gets closer. But it’s the early death that’s most shocking, literally, as mundane horror strikes the all-American ritual of pancakes and coffee for breakfast.

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Cast: Helen Shaver, Robert Loggia, Jimmy Smits, Harley Cross, Harris Yulin, Malick Bowens