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Betrayed (1988) Polish Poster

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Like any American film that slits open the underbelly of the worst of human nature, Betrayed failed at the box office. Undercover FBI agent ‘Katie Phillips’ is assigned to infiltrate a farming community, suspected of complicity in racial murder. Her instincts are thrown when she falls for Vietnam veteran Simmons, a family man and pillar of the community. But is he what he seems?

Everyone ends up both the betrayer and the betrayed, and director Costa-Gavras (Z 1969 and Missing 1982) ensures the controversial political issues are not lost at the expense of the drama. A chamber script from the usually more bombastic Joe Eszterhas – he and Costa-Gravas made Music Box (1989) next.

 Artist: Wieslaw Walkuski (his Danton is possibly the most vicious poster ever)

 Condition: VERY FINE / NEAR MINT (Rolled)

Cast: Debra Winger, Tom Berenger, John Heard, Betsy Blair, Ted Levine