boxed black and white artwork of blimp shadow over sports crowd with large title in black to right, and bottom credit box
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Black Sunday (1977) UK Quad Poster

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Goodyear? No, the worst. John Frankenheimer's terrorist thriller from Silence of the Lambs author Thomas Harris. Marthe Keller is a Black September operative, controlling disturbed and suicidal ex-POW Bruce Dern, who, as the TV Blimp pilot, wants to kill as many of the crowd enjoying the game below as he can. Robert Shaw, a Mossad agent who inadvisably let Keller escape in a previous operation, must stop the attack.

Hurt by the fact that the previous year’s Two-Minute Warning (which had a sniper at the ball game) had performed badly at the box office, Black Sunday suffered too. Also in the mid-70s, it was dramatically inconceivable that terrorists would gladly die for a cause…

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Cast: Robert Shaw, Fritz Weaver and Frankenheimer as the TV director. Kristy McNichol’s scenes were deleted.