Blood dripping from title, as masked executioner wields axe, Venice in the background, with scenes and lead actors surrounding.
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Blood of the Executioner (1963) UK Quad Poster

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An elegantly mounted historical swashbuckler, in which the Grand Inquisitor maliciously accuses the Doge of Venice’s son of treason. Former Tarzan Lex Barker stars, with western star Guy Madison as the villain, and love interest Alessandra Panaro, who’d already proved herself in the Peplum Ulysses Against Hercules and The Son of Captain Blood.

Edited by Antonietta Zita, who cut an awful lot of peplum and western films. She reached her peak with extraordinary action cutting (using the manly pseudonym of Tony Zita) on the Kirk Douglas heist movie A Man to Respect (1972), which contains one of the greatest car chases in cinema.

Aka The Executioner of Venice

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Cast: Mario Petri, Mirelle Roxy, Gianni Barta, Alberto Farnese