Brain of Blood / Vampire People DB (1971 / 1964) US 1 Sheet Poster #New
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Brain of Blood / Vampire People DB (1971 / 1964) US 1 Sheet Poster #New

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Brain of Blood was both Kent Taylor and Reed Hadley's final film, a full-on exploitation transplant classic, with a sadistic (sinful) dwarf surgeon (Angelo Rossito), Flash Gordon-style props and a standard dungeon complete with chained women. Setting a very low bar, this could well be Al Adamson's best film.

Vampire People is a quick retitle for the mostly black and white shot The Blood Drinkers, as colour film stock was hard to come by in the Philippines. They played the monochrome scenes with colour tints - although there is a fully colorised version now available. Atmospherically directed by key Philippine film-maker Gerardo de Leon - Terror is a Man (1959), Brides of Blood, Mad Doctor of Blood Island (both 1968), he won seven director awards from the Filipino Academy of Movie Arts and Sciences.

Aka: Brain Damage, The Creature's Revenge, The Oozing Skull / Kulay dugo ang gabi, (Blood is the Colour of the Night), The Blood Drinkers

Artist: Gray Morrow, with a wonderfully simple colour scheme showing his comic book styling. He drew supernatural stories for Atlas Comics in the 1950s, for Warren (Creepy) in the 60s, and many DC Comics classics - Witching Hour, House of Secrets and House of Mystery.

Condition: FAIR / GOOD - long diagonal tear upper mid left border

Cast: Grant Williams, John Bloom as Gor, the hulking manservant / Ronald Remy, Amalia Fuentes, Eddie Fernandez