The ghostly white suited carpenter holding a saw towers over the blacked out house, and under the title three portrait stills are in saw-shaped frames.
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Carpenter (1988) UK Quad Poster

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An unusual meld of supernatural, slasher and doomed romance, where Alice, fresh from a breakdown, moves into a house with her husband, which needs a lot of work. The husband hires a cheap crew to do the remodelling, yet the wife meets one workman who seems different from the rest. He saves Alice from rape (by using a circular saw on the man’s arms) and the woman finds herself falling for what is really the spirit of the previous, murderous homeowner.

Wings Hauser and Lynne Adams play it eerily calm in this Canadian production, but the film would have benefitted enormously with a more on-the-money score.

Condition: VERY FINE

Cast: Wings Hauser, Lynne Adams, Pierre Lenoir, Barbara Jones, Ron Lea