Catacombs (1988) UK Quad Poster
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Catacombs (1988) UK Quad Poster

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Empire Picture's swansong, before the company was seized for failing to pay back their loans. Catacombs was caught up in the ensuing legal process, and was finally released on VHS in 1993. Ostensibly the fourth in the series, in setting and themes, it is completely unrelated to either The Curse (1987) or its two sequels.

Director David Schmoeller of Tourist Trap (1979) fame, made this between Crawlspace (1986) and Puppet Master (1989), and its story of a demon trapped within the walls of an ancient monastery being released, goes for more atmosphere than a high body count. Pino Donnaggio's Omen-esque score is a highpoint.

Aka: Curse IV: The Ultimate Sacrifice

Condition: GOOD (Rolled) Diagonal crease top left, creasing and scuffs right hand side, on glossy paper stock

Cast: Timothy Van Patten, Ian Abercrombie, Laura Schaefer, Jeremy West, Vernon Dobtcheff