Green, black and yellow artwork - Robin Hood shows a leaping hero descending onto soldiers. Ringo fires his gun with tiny Native American horsemen at base.
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Challenge for Robin Hood / Ringo & His Golden Pistol (1967 / 1966) UK Double Crown DB Poster

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A rousing version of the tale from Hammer / Seven Arts, which, despite budget restrictions, compares favourably with any other version. Barry Ingham is a charismatic Robin Hood, as adept at swordplay as with a bow, and Peter Blythe portrays the perfect snivelling coward as Roger de Courtney, and James Hayter perfect as Friar Tuck.

Mark Damon made less of an international splash as Ringo, but Django (1966) was a game changer, and if writer / director Sergio Corbucci had hitched his character to an American actor rather than fellow Italian Franco Nero, it may well be that Corbucci would have been crowned the spaghetti western king, rather than Leone. The same year he pushed Burt Reynolds into stardom with Navajo Joe and made what may be the finest Italian western ever, The Great Silence (1968).




Cast: Barry Inghma, James Hayter, Peter Blythe, Leon Greene / Mark Damon, Valeria Fabrizi, Franco de Rosa, Andrea Aureli