Lee and Cushing visible through the eye sockets of the fossilised creature, with photo of Cushing's mad daughter in chains.
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Creeping Flesh (1973) Belgian Poster

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Tigon try their hand at Gothic horror with the creatively plotted The Creeping Flesh, in which Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee struggle for control over an ancient evil skeleton from Papua New Guinea, which grows blubbery flesh when it get wet. It’s another period horror often confused with a Hammer film, due to the presence of Lee and Cushing, director Freddie Francis (who took over from Don Sharp at short notice), Hammer veterans Michael Ripper and Duncan Lamont, and make up man Roy Ashton.

Francis made his best film of the 1970s and Cushing gave a great central performance as a scientist so disturbed by the ‘infection’ of evil and madness (his wife recently died in an asylum), that he administered the anti-evil serum he had developed from the bones to his daughter, with terrible consequences.

Aka: La chair du diable

Artist: Unknown


Cast: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Lorna Heilbron, George Benson, Kenneth J. Warren, Duncan Lamont, Harry Locke, Michael Ripper, Catherine Stone, Marianne Stone