Fright (1971 / 1981RR) US 1 Sheet Poster #New
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Fright (1971 / 1981RR) US 1 Sheet Poster #New

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This rerelease title and tagline is best read together, to form one Gialloesque sentence: I'm Alone and I'm Scared and the Killer is in the House. The poster dispenses with any details other than Susan George's credit, but Ian Bannen joins her in terrifying form for the very first babysitter in peril film, as he escapes from an asylum and returns to his former family home to seek revenge.

An excellent British cast are tautly directed by Peter Collinson, whose career after the success of The Italian Job (1969) never really took off. He followed this film with a psycho-drama for Hammer, Straight On till Morning (1972) and the Vietnam vet variation of The Most Dangerous Game - Open Season (1974), before a couple of retreads with And Then There Were None (1974) and The Spiral Staircase (1975). Thereafter he stayed with action thrillers, teaming up with Susan George for the third time with Tomorrow Never Comes (1978). During the shoot of The Earthling (1980) (which coincidentally was about a man coming to terms with his own impending death), Collinson learnt he was terminally ill, and died the following year.

Aka: , Nuit d'horreur,

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Cast: Susan George, Honor Blackman, Ian Bannen, John Gregson, George Cole, Dennis Waterman (although he and Cole don't appear together on screen), Maurice Kaufmann