Frightmare (1983) US 1 Sheet Poster #New
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Frightmare (1983) US 1 Sheet Poster #New

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This Frightmare, released the year before Pete Walker's same titled British classic, is better known as The Horror Star, and most trailers, even for the US release, used that title. There is some controversy over it's actual release year (possibly 1981, that poster borrowing the skull and knife artwork for From Beyond the Grave - 1974), although this first run poster is dated 1983. Ferdy Mayne (credited as Ferdinand Mayne) stars as a horror actor who rises from the dead and begins to kill the drama student fans who have kidnapped his body. 

It looks better than it deserves to, in that 80's foggy way, courtesy of Joel King, but it's a film made by people who followed careers in other disciplines, and it's clear this was an unsuccessful experiment for them all. Scenes purporting to show Mayne at his height were actually from Tempi duri per i vampiri / Uncle was a Vampire (1959), an early outing for Christopher Lee.

Condition: VERY FINE

Cast: Luca Bercovici, Nita Talbot - Chained Heat (1981), Puppet Master III (1991), Leon Askin (he and Talbot both starred in TV's Hogan's Heroes), Jeffrey Combs, Scott Thompson