Hot and Deadly (1982 / 1983RR) US 1 Sheet Poster
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Hot and Deadly (1982 / 1983RR) US 1 Sheet Poster

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Hot and Deadly is shown posing as a 'Most Dangerous Game' revisited, when in fact it's a retitled rerelease of Elliot Hong's (South Korean Hong Eui-Bong) The Retrievers (1982), in a blatant piece of exploitation misdirection. A wire-tapping expert is recruited by 'The Company', but when a passer by is killed by his partner during what should have been a simple pickup of a whistle-blower, our hero goes on the run with the target's sister, now pursued by his former employers. Some half-hearted martial arts follows, with star Max Thayer kicking and punching his way out of trouble.


Cast: Max Thayer, Shawn Hoskins, Randy Anderson - They Call Me Bruce? (1982), Lenard Miller, Bud Kramer