On black, high contrast naked woman on horse led by monk. Ar right on red, high contrast cowboy gunman.
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House of Madness / The Taste of the Savage (1973 / 1971) UK Quad Poster

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 A rare Mexican horror, the debut of director Juan López Moctezuma, who also made the nunsploitation classic Alucarda (1977). Here, a visitor to a 19th century French asylum, after seeing the bizarre treatment, torture and ritual slaughter of the inmates, begins to realise that the lunatics have indeed, taken over the asylum.

The Taste of the Savage is a revenge story with a difference. Another Mexican production, a widow has a hired gun train her son to take revenge on the men who killed her husband. But the 'taste of the savage' gets out of hand, and her son begins to revel in his new-found murderous nature. The film ends in Jacobean tragedy. The film is given an American presence by - who else? - Cameron Mitchell.

Aka: Dr Tarr's Pit of Horrors, The System of Dr Tarr and Professor Feather / El sabor de la venganza, Vengeance, Eye for an Eye

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