On grey, pram with hidden baby, except for two red-clawed hands. On right, male with gun and female silhouetted against sunset.
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It's Alive / Badlands (1974 / 1973) UK Quad DB Poster

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Hard to figure out the reason forthis double bill – youngsters on a killing spree, I suppose. Larry Cohen’s deliriously nutty take on the family – surprisingly moving at the end, with great performances by John P Ryan and cult queen Sharon Farrell, as well as one of Rick Baker’s most infamous make-up jobs. Doubled with Terrence Malick’s tale of troubled teens with thousand yard stares – Martin Sheen and Sissy Spacek are the doomed, murderous lovers.  

Artist: Vic Fair

Condition: FINE - additional folds

Cast: John P. Ryan, Sharon Farrell, Andrew Duggan, Guy Stockwell, Michael Ansara / Martin Sheen, Sissy Spacek, Warren Oates, Alan Vint - Macon County LIne (1974) Breakout (1975)