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Lawless (1950) US 1/2 Sheet

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 A local newspaper editor incurs the wrath of the townspeople when he highlights the poor treatment of the Mexican fruit pickers hired by the locals. Star Macdonald Carey was a journeyman actor from the 40s, used by director Joseph Losey again in Hammer's The Damned (1962), as well as Foes (1977) and It's Alive III - Island of the Alive (1987), but his main claim to fame was in appearing on TV's The Days of Our Lives from 1965 to 1994 as a key cast member.

Stunning co-star Gail Russell was already in the grips of alcohol addiction that would blight her career, but she was at her prime in Lewis Allen's The Unseen (1945) for Paramount, a stylish noir murder mystery, and also appeared in the same director's classic The Uninvited (1944).

Aka: The Dividing Line

Condition: POOR / FAIR - Horizontal fold damage