On red circle, buxom female mummy has her bandages unwound and cut off by explorers - a third dusts her off.
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National Mummy (1981) Spanish 1 Sheet Poster

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The National Mummy is one of the 'destape' genre (uncover) prevelant in Spain as the Franco regime and Catholic Church lost their iron grip from the mid 70s. They're a little baudier than the Carry On films, certainly more at home with casual nudity and more along the lines of Let's Get Laid or Rosie Dixon - Night Nurse (both 1978). 

Featuring some top Spanish comedians like Quique Camoiras (a short actor who often worked with oversized props to make himself seem even shorter) it's a surprise to find the film is directed by José Ramón Larraz, whose films mostly dwelt on sex and death. But as a former comics writer for Spirou and Pilote be was happy to play it as madcap farce, shoehorning in vampires and werewolves, while still retaining a few Larraz-like bloody touches.

Artist: Jano

Condition: VERY GOOD - creasing to borders

Cast: Francisco Algora, Azucena Hernández, Carlos Lucena, José Jaime Espinosa, Lili Muráti, Trini Alonso, Pilar Alcón.