Pink shadow of tree and funeral service, in front two coffins, one with skeleton, the other with screaming girl.
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Necromancy (1972) UK Quad Poster

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Bert I. Gordon's most trippy horror film, with an unsuspecting Pamela Franklin moving to a small town where she becomes embroiled in a satanic plot to resurrect the son of Mr Cato, a Toy factory boss. Mr Cato is played by Orson Welles, a man always sensitive about the size of his nose (small) and routinely had it built up. The problem was that as the budgets went down, so did the quality of the makeup. Here, on occasions, the nose putty is almost luminous.

Artist: Unknown, but judging from the enlarged printing dots, created from Ad Mats.

Aka: The Toy Factory, The Witching, Rosemary's Disciples

Condition: VERY GOOD / FINE - poorly hand folded