Grainy B+W photo of man with binoculars and rifle, standing in lonely snowy wasteland.
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Never Cry Wolf (1983) UK Quad Poster

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You could do a lot worse than work your way through Carroll Ballard's sensitive filmography, with nature and movement being his constant obsessions; The Black Stallion (1979), Wind (1992) about yacht racing, the glorious Fly Away Home (1996) about a young girl guiding geese to their natural home in a microlight, and his final film Duma (2005) about a boy and an orphaned cheetah. A UCLA classmate of Francis Coppola, he was chosen to direct The Black Stallion but never seemed a comfortable fit for Hollywood.

Never Cry Wolf has Charles Martin Smith trek out into the Arctic circle to discover the truth about whether it's wolves who are decimating the caribou population. His struggle in the bitter cold, interactions with the local Ootek and those who want to open the land up commercially are the heart of the film, as well as his increasing identification with the wolves themselves.

Aka: Un homme parmi les loups, Wenn die Wölfe heulen

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Cast: Charles Martin Smith, Brian Dennehy, Zachary Ittmangnaq, Samson Jorah