On yellow ground, blue grainy photo of Brando, behind, Franklin being smothered by Boone.
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Night of the Following Day (1969) UK Quad Poster

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A circular Neo-noir nightmare, with Pamela Franklin as the girl abducted by a group of criminals, who begin to turn on each other. To say there was no love lost between Brando and director Hubert Cornfield is an understatement - indeed, Brando insisted that Boone direct the last few days of the schedule.

But at its best, there are some real moments of tension as Cornfield lives up to his brilliant crime-noir Plunder Road (1957) and Brando with blond hair and looking fitter than he had the entire decade, is a great foil for the brutish Boone, clearly a psychopath on the edge. Rita Moreno (Brando's girlfriend at the time) casts off her Latin Spitfire persona after turning down many parts that were identi-kit Anita from West Side Story (1961).

Condition: GOOD - general edge distress and grubbiness, overfolded

Cast: Marlon Brando, Pamela Franklin, Richard Boone, Rita Moreno, Jess Hahn, Gérard Buhr, Al Lettieri