Night of the Werewolf (1981) Spanish 1 Sheet Poster #New
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Night of the Werewolf (1981) Spanish 1 Sheet Poster #New

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Night of the Werewolf is the ninth in Paul Naschy's 14-film Waldemar Daninsky series, which had the benefit of a much larger budget than previous films. Naschy wrote and directed under his Jacinto Molina pseudonym, as the werewolf and his mistress, the witch-like Elizabeth Bathory are executed. Since he cannot die, he's held in a state of living death, until hundreds of years later, graverobbers release him. Bathory is soon resurrected too, and in order to protect a young girl he has fallen in love with, Daninsky turns on Bathory and her vampire hoard.

Aka: El Retorno del Hombre Lobo, The Craving

Condition: VERY GOOD / FINE - Tear in artwork top right, creasing on folds

Cast: Paul Naschy, Julia Saly, Silvia Aguilar, Azucena Hernández, Ricardo Palacios, Rafael Hernández, Beatriz Elorrieta