Against lightning, sinister figure stands generating bllnding white light with his hands, the earth cracking under him.
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Power (1984) UK Quad Poster

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From the team of Stephen Carpenter and Jeffrey Obrow who variously wrote and directed The Dorm that Dripped Blood, The Kindred, Servants of Twilight and Legend of the Mummy, The Power is still early days. But this tale of a vengeful Aztec doll possessing it's owner, causing them to spill blood in sacrifice is classic low budget fun, enlivened by some gungy effects and effective shock scares. Suzy (Susan) Stokey's debut - she went on to The Tomb, Armed Response, Prison Ship and Deep Space.

Artist: Alex Ebel

Aka: NOT Byron Haskin's The Power from 1968 with George Hamilton.

Condition: VERY GOOD / FINE - Glossy paper stock

Cast: Warren Lincoln, Lisa Erickson, Chad Cowgill, Stan Weston, Ben Gilbert