High contrast images on black, Bell and Collins in closeup embrace.
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Quest for Love (1971) UK Quad Poster

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Tom Bell and Joan Collins, in an alternate reality love story (based on John Wyndham's short story 'Random Quest') that was much beloved by those who chanced upon it, until Bid Time Return stole its thunder. Bell was, simply, one of the greatest British actors ever, and Joan stepped up to the mark to match him in this Ralph Thomas directed film.

Around this time composer Eric Rogers, responsible for twenty two Carry On films, spread his wings and created a wonderfully romantic score for this, as well as highly effective scores for Revenge and Assault (both 1971).

Condition: VERY FINE - one surface scrape, otherwise perfect blacks

Cast: Denholm Elliot, Laurence Naismith, Geraldine Moffat, Ray McAnally, Simon Ward