Reptile (1966) UK Quad Poster (Linen Backed) #New
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Reptile (1966) UK Quad Poster (Linen Backed) #New

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The Reptile was released on the lower half of a double bill with Rasputin - The Mad Monk (1966), and while full colour artwork was used on that poster, both films had a far rarer standalone quad, using light and dark green artwork respectively. This Tom Chantrell design is dominated by the looming Reptile at right displaying Roy Ashton's make-up, and its high-key look has the lighter elements pushed forward by the inky blacks.

The second of John Gilling's Cornish horrors, and filmed back-to-back with The Plague of the Zombies (1966), it has a rather wooden Ray Barrett in the lead, but the surrounding cast more than make up for him. From Noel Willman's sinister Dr Franklyn, to the two female leads, Jennifer Daniel and the unfortunate snake woman Anna, played by Jacqueline Pearce; there is stirling support from Michael Ripper, seizing a rare, rich part, with John Laurie, George Woodbridge (his last Hammer film) and Charles Lloyd Pack enlivening this atmospheric period horror.

Condition: VERY FINE / USA LIGHTLY RESTORED (fold lines and dinks in blacks) & LINEN BACKED