Artwork of Corman's face, surrounded by colour and b+w images of key films and people, advancing motorbikes at bottom.
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Roger Corman - Hollywood's Wild Angel (1978) US 16mm Poster

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At less than an hour long, there doesn't seem to be enough time to do Corman's career justice in Christian Blackwood's documentary, for a man who directed, produced, ran his own highly successful company and studio, as well as mentoring (and exploiting) a host of young talent. The cast list lacks Francis Ford Coppola, but everyone else who got their shot due to Corman is there.

Condition: GOOD / VERY GOOD - on card, evidence of blue tac staining each corner from rear 23" x 17"

Cast: Roger Corman, Allan Arkush, Paul Bartel, David Carradine, Joe Dante, Jonathan Demme, Peter Fonda, Ron Howard, Jonathan Kaplan, Martin Scorcese