Scream Bloody Murder (1972 / R73) German A1 Poster
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Scream Bloody Murder (1972 / R73) German A1 Poster

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Originally shot in 1971, under the more appropriate title The Captive Female, as this proto-slasher was a film of two halves. The first is the vengeful one-armed murder spree, the second an incestuous remake of The Collector (1966). The savage and hysterical nature of this insane mummy's boy, and the fact that the cast remain unknowns gives it a timeless nastiness. The only reasuringly familiar face is Angus Scrimm as the Doctor.

Director Marc B. Ray only made one other film afterwards - the documentary Sandahl Bergman's Body in 1983, although he appropriately wrote the story for The Severed Arm (1973), then a stint on The New Mickey Mouse Club and Kids Incorporated, before writing the TV movie Stepfather III (1992)

Aka: Matthew, Le Manchot (The Penguin)

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Cast: Fred Holbert (his only film), Leigh Mitchell (whose only other role was The Incredible Melting Man - 1977), Robert Knox.