Sleepwalkers (1992) US 1 Sheet Poster #New
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Sleepwalkers (1992) US 1 Sheet Poster #New

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The first script Stephen King wrote that wasn't based on one of his previous works, Sleepwalkers concerns an incestuous werecat mother and son, who feed off the blood of virgins. They arrive in a small Indiana town, and carnage ensues. Their only weakness is the common housecat - which are hostile to their every move. It's a predictable story, but neatly executed, although cat attack is not necessarily a phobia for most audiences.

It's a key film in that it was the first time CGI was tracked to a hand-held camera - the Mother hits her wayward son, the camera seeing her from his POV. Each time her arm swipes across the frame, her features become more bestial. This was a perfect use of invisible effects, let down by some truly horrendous CGI transformations elsewhere in the film.

Aka: Stephen King's Sleepwalkers

Condition:VERY GOOD / FINE - Light creasing in blacks

Cast: Brian Krause, Alice Krige, Mädchen Amick, Lyman Ward, Cindy Pickett, Ron Perlman, Lucy Boryer, and the usual gang of cameos - Stephen King, John Landis, Joe Dante, Clive Barker, Tobe Hooper, Mark Hamill